The X's and O's of Thought Leadership in Law

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Apr 16, 2014 2:01:00 PM

The X's and O's of Thought Leadership in Law

Thought leadership is a term that has been thrown around like a pigskin in late July throughout the past several years. All of the newcomers to the sport think that it is just a matter of grasping the laces and letting it ride with all of their might, but the product is almost always just a dead duck, lacking spiral, direction, accuracy and velocity. 

In actuality, thought leadership, much like a proper football toss, is a matter of form, practice and finesse. The mechanics of each piece need to be refined and targeted to ensure the desired results over time, and this is especially true for organizations operating in the legal sector, where technology and intelligence are now more important than ever before. 

Perfect spiral
Law firm decision-makers who are ready to start a thought leadership blog need to stick to several best practices to give their marketing insights more weight and visibility in the already crowded Internet marketing arena. Here are the top considerations to remember when formulating a blog strategy in the legal sector:

  • Be unique: Keeping with the football analogy, many of the most legendary quarterbacks in history had unique styles that resulted from their natural approach to throwing the ball. In that same vein, law firm thought leadership pieces should come from the heart and mind of the person tasked with writing them. The easiest way to ensure that your blog does not sound like everyone else's is to be natural and allow the unique voice to come through, rather than trying to duplicate other approaches that have been successful in the past. 
  • Training: While the natural voice is certainly important, no one becomes a champion without the right level of coaching. Individuals tasked with writing and managing the thought leadership blog should have opportunities to learn about best practices in such a way that develops their natural talent. This will not only boost the consistency of the blog as as whole, but can also help to ensure that each piece has value in terms of search engine optimization. 
  • Be brave: Terry Bradshaw. Tom Brady. Joe Montana. What do all of these quarterbacks have in common? The answer is their spirit and resilience in the face of adversity. Writers charged with managing the law firm's blog should be brave, willing to take chances and not easily knocked out of their comfort zone by bits of negative feedback on the World Wide Web. 

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