Social Media Management A Must In Legal Sector

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Feb 20, 2014 12:28:00 PM

Social Media Management A Must In Legal Sector

Regardless of whether a law firm has a marketing strategy in place or not, social media websites are among the richest environments for data cultivation and analysis. Many law firms have already learned this the hard way, as social media information continues to become more apparent in litigation proceedings. 

As competition heats up in the legal sector, and beyond, it can be highly beneficial to create a marketing strategy that involves social media, but transcends advertisements to reach into the business intelligence and security realms. A small retailer might be able to get by with a simple social media strategy, but legal executives must ensure that they are taking these communications technologies seriously from the outset of operations. 

Dangerous or beneficial?
Before even entering the discussion of social media marketing, leaders in the legal sector must first remember that many of their employees likely use these websites to communicate with friends and colleagues. Although it might seem ridiculous, there have been plenty of cases of legal professionals giving up far too much information about a specific case or client through these public channels. So, the first step is to raise awareness and ensure that proprietary or personal information is not making its way to the public through these websites. 

Once the law firm has mitigated the risks, here are two ways in which social media management can be highly beneficial:

  • Customer service and brand management: Law firms have not traditionally been extremely concerned with their brand image, at least not on a large scale. However, the increasingly interconnected society of the modern era demands that all organizations put at least some effort into managing their personas and reputations. Legal sector firms can knock down several birds with one stone by assigning social media-based communication tasks to trusted members of staff. This can help drive prospect identification and conversions, while also bolstering the overall image of the firm. 
  • Analysis and intelligence: Business intelligence has come a long way in the past decade, likely because of trends such as social media that generate massive volumes of valuable information. Law firms can leverage social media data collection and analysis to predict trends in clients' needs, potential breakthroughs in evidence gathering and much more. With the right combination of technology and technique, law firms and litigation support providers can make the most of the high volumes of unstructured information currently available on social media channels. 

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