Mobility, Security, Efficiency, Oh My! The Yellow Brick Road to Better Small Business Management

Posted by David Aparicio

Sep 19, 2014 1:19:00 PM

Mobility, Security, Efficiency, Oh My! The Yellow Brick Road to Better Small Business Management

Couldn't we all use a wonderful wizard who validates our small business technology decision-making? Spoiler alert: Although the Wizard of Oz was really just some guy behind a bunch of smoke and mirrors, he did point those lovable dream characters and Dorothy in the right direction when it came down to it, and having this same type of other-worldly guidance could pay off dividends when investing in new solutions and setting up frameworks to manage the entirety of communications and IT technologies. 

Today's entrepreneur could easily be compared to Dorothy, especially as modern small business management can appear at first to be a tornado of tumultuous challenges, then a dreamy rise to wisdom and finally the reconciliation of pain points and stresses following a more optimal outlook on markets and strategies. Luckily, there has been plenty of time to learn from the successes and failures of others, taking some of the guesswork out of strategic planning, meaning you will not have to entirely entrust the success of your business to that shifty wizard. 

Now, there are a multitude of topics and trends that could be discussed in this light, but we are going to focus upon the convergence of mobility, unified communications, security, efficiency and cloud services. Each of these matters are critical considerations for any small business owner, especially as failure to strike the right chord with any of them will inherently lead to more strain on budgets, operational performances and brand stature. 

So, the question is, what do you need to be more comfortable in your own entrepreneurial skin? Courage like the Cowardly Lion, a brain like the Scarecrow, a heart like the Tin Man or just a direction home to greener pastures like our beloved Dorothy? Because this rag-tag group of individuals acted as a team throughout their journey down the Yellow Brick Road, we will just assume you need all four. 

Courage under fire
What do you do when a pack of flying monkeys starts to attack you and your friends? Do you panic and run away, or do you stand up to these weird nightmarish beings and chase them off with fury and rage? You are a small business owner. You are the backbone of the United States economy. You best believe that you are going to stand up tall and strike fear into the hearts of those flying monkeys, wicked witches and anyone else who wants to challenge your resilience. 

Mobility and unified communications can sometimes appear to be just as scary and harrowing as the flying monkeys, as well as confusing. However, by simply understanding what needs to be done to get all of these matters under control in a timely fashion, entrepreneurs will be better positioned to actually capitalize on the benefits of mobility and UC, rather than falling victim to the security risks and management strains contained within these trends. 

Business ownership today is all about support and teamwork, and leveraging UC and mobility management services from a reliable, steadfast and courageous vendor of these solutions can put you on the right path. This way, rather than cowering in fear when the Wicked Witch of the West appears, you'll take that broomstick, tame those flying monkeys and lead your company straight to Oz for a fresh cup of wondrous glory. 

Intelligence in confusing times
Which song was better than Scarecrow's? Easy answer: none. Entrepreneurs who have been trying to embrace new technologies might find themselves singing "If I Only Had A Brain," every once in a while, and this is completely understandable given the immense complexity of new technologies and services. 

However, business intelligence has been bolstered by the ubiquity of big data and cloud services, meaning that entrepreneurs can now leverage more advanced tools to get the most out of all the information available to them. Remember, Scarecrow always had the intelligence in him, it just took some strange, small man telling him that he did for him to realize his mind's worth. 

Leverage cloud-based analytics that take into account data coming from communications tools and more to strengthen your own real-time intelligence with respect to small business management. 

Heart is paramount
Resilience is one of the more important characteristics of successful small business management and ownership, especially as so many challenges will sprout up each day that threaten to hinder financial performances or continuity of operations. The Tin Man was made of metal, yet he was always concerned about his ability to love and take on challenges without completely wasting away. 

Remember, you as an entrepreneur have plenty of mettle by definition, and you can strengthen your own company's heart by utilizing the full breadth of tools and support frameworks available to you today. Do not ever believe that you might end up failing, or that the resilience embedded in your soul is going to wane over time. 

Leverage cloud services, mobile solutions and managed technologies to build up the resilience and heart of your firm, and you, much like the Tin Man, will find happiness and comfort soon enough. 

Take us home
Let's envision the end of the Yellow Brick Road as being the attainment and retention of optimal small business management conditions. Dorothy got swept away into a crazy dream, and it took this great adventure to realize that home was always right around her. 

You don't have to go through the same trials and tribulations any longer, especially with respect to UC and IT optimization. All of the tools that you need to succeed are already there, and you and Toto just need to open your eyes a bit wider to see that. 

So, much like all of these lovable characters already had exactly what they needed to be happy, comfortable and successful, you do too. Just get on that bike with Toto in tow, research what you need to make your business the best it can possibly be, and know that all of the technologies and managed services necessary to do so are right in front and all around you.

In the words of Queen, "Get on your bikes and ride!"

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