How to Increase Productivity During Summer Sports Season

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Jun 10, 2014 5:11:00 AM

Every employee from the entry level intern to the CEO has experienced the 'easily distracted' phenomenon, one that becomes easier to indulge with Internet for small businesses and other Web tools that allows one to harness other information that, quite frankly, isn't relevant to their work.

Every employee from the entry level intern to the CEO has experienced the 'easily distracted' phenomenon, one that becomes easier to indulge with Internet for small businesses and other Web tools that allow one to harness other information that, quite frankly, isn't relevant to their work. This problem is multiplied several times over during the summer season - there's baseball, the World Cup and, of course, the relentless heat to lure a normally diligent worker out of their normal routine and into a distracted period of time that could be better used on project planning or answering critical emails. Fortunately, there are a number of productivity applications and tips that can keep your staff on top of their work this summer.

Keep tabs on productivity to increase accountability
According to industry blog ITProPortal, productivity is expected to dip worldwide in the office environment as the 2014 World Cup competition begins to heat up, especially if domestic teams perform well. Writer Darren Allen interviewed James Campanini for the article, and he gave business owners advice on how to manage normally effective employees who also happen to be sports fans.

"To mitigate any potential dips in productivity or increases in absenteeism," he warned, "U.K. businesses should provide their staff with the suitable enterprise quality tools and policies to allow them to work remotely and with flexible hours."

This same logic can be applied to American businesses and also applies when it comes to baseball season - improving business efficiency can be as simple as providing employees with the tools to be useful in the workplace, as well as the materials from higher-ups to keep them accountable for the amount of work that would be expected as usual. Cloud hosting is an excellent way to expedite this process, and employers can set up specially tailored spreadsheets or email correspondences through which workers can report what's getting done to avoid letting day-to-day duties fall through the cracks when the home team is down by three goals.

Once a day's work is complete, a business owner can benefit in reputation from letting their staff watch the coveted game - as long as everything is accomplished efficiently, why not be the most popular guy in the office?

Applications that unlock productivity for sports fan employees
When the scores get tied up enough, even business owners can find themselves distracted in spite of their best efforts. To prevent these distractions from striking, there are a number of wonderful and productive mobile applications that can keep event the biggest fan in the clear and on task. 

If you work from a business mobile phone, the FocusLock application is terrific for staying on task. The app, available for Android and Apple platforms, can be used to set a timed ban on certain services on a user's phone in order to prevent them from abandoning the task at hand. Popular apps to abandon for those who crave the latest sports scores include Facebook, where other fans may be congregating and commenting on the progress of a game, Twitter, where every move of a player can be updated in real time and, of course, ESPN and other sports-centric apps. 

Once tasks are complete, employees can reward themselves with an update on the latest goings on - cloud servers are incredibly useful for productivity in some senses, but other applications tend to be a drag on productivity and are better off blocked until work is complete for the day.

It's all in attitude and planning
Business mobile applications can only be helpful for an employee if they are working on their own to get a task completed in a timely fashion. Inc. writer Jeff Haden shared a number of productivity tips for a worker that may be suffering from a midday slump or a desire to be done for the day - the secret, he claimed, lies in setting realistic goals and achieving them in small increments. He shed light on how to create to-do lists for increasing business efficiency.

"I used to create to-do lists, but I didn't assign times to each task," he explained. "What happened? I always had more items on my to-do list than I could accomplish, and that turned it into a wish list, not a to-do list."

By setting a realistic number of goals in order of priority, a lot more can be accomplished. He also recommended to avoid multitasking if at all possible, as this tends to slow the production on both tasks instead of serving the worker or the projects themselves. Focus on doing one thing at a time to ensure a complete and well-done product.

Though balancing an exciting sports season with day-to-day business activities may be challenging for some, it's certainly not insurmountable. With the help of cloud hosting applications and a little diligence, business owners and their employees alike will be enjoying the game before they know it.

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