How the Latest Apple Developments Can Improve Business Productivity

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Jun 3, 2014 6:50:00 PM

Developments in Apple technology tend to affect those in the business sector most, especially those that use the iPhone model as their business cell phone, and a number of new updates announced just this week will be sure to transform the way that people communicate on the go even further.

Even after the passing of the great Steve Jobs, tech nerds and iPhone addicts alike wait fervently for the company to announce its latest developments at its large conferences, where world-changing technology like the iPod, iPhone and Macbook have been announced to great fanfare in past years. Developments in Apple technology tend to affect those in the business sector most, especially those that use the iPhone as their business cell phone standard, and a number of new updates announced just this week will be sure to transform the way that people communicate on the go even further. Here are the main things you need to know to make the most of your business mobile upgrade!

New health app will store and protect relevant information
One of the bigger announcements made by current Apple CEO Tim Cook was the launch of a long-rumored application called HealthLink, which has been in development for over a year and allows business phones to store relevant health information for convenience. New York Magazine writer Kevin Roose reported on this emerging technology.

"Likely, the app inside HealthKit (called Health) will allow people to pull data from smart devices like Fitbits, track their eating habits and exercise patterns and take basic medical information about themselves with them on the go," he explained.

Though other applications have offered a similar feature in years past, Roose noted that this is being introduced as a standard for the phone for the first time.

"By pulling [such features] together into a preinstalled iOS app, Apple is trying to embed them into iPhone users' basic rhythms, giving them a scale they've never had before," he concluded.

This move will improve business efficiency, even if it isn't the biggest development going - health information would be extremely helpful if there were a medical emergency on the road or in the office and the employee couldn't communicate on his or her own.

iOS8 technology will improve user interface and convenience of iPhone
For many business phone users, the wealth of applications and communication options afforded by an Apple iPhone can be overwhelming and stave off productivity. Fortunately, the iOS8 update for mobile users will help people stay on task and get fewer lines tangled in the process. When a user regularly needs to chat quickly and is constantly on the go, these small but mighty updates will prove to be invaluable.

The new programming language is intended to eradicate the annoying and occasionally hilarious autocorrect messages that drive touch screen users crazy. The update has been dubbed Swift and replaces the ever-faulty Objective C language that launched a million meme blogs. Swift is programmed to learn how you communicate with certain contacts in texts and emails to better predict what word you'll type next - this will, hopefully, weed out any accidental typos that may foster some ill will with the person on the receiving end of your message.

In the words of Wired writer Matt Honan, "It's a big deal."

Though concise, this is a true statement. By combining the new Swift system with an updated notification system that allows users to answer a text or message without moving from the application they're working with, productivity levels can be greatly improved on the go. These developments could mean a positive bump for online marketing for small businesses as an oft-underused and extremely affordable way to show off a product or service - the easier it is to stay focused on the tweet or Facebook post you're working on, the faster it can begin engaging potential customers. 

Finally, the classic iPhone assistant Siri debuted a helpful, hands-free upgrade at the iOS8 conference that included a song recognition system and the ability to access "her" services by merely saying, "Hey, Siri!" This allows a business mobile user to access the standard application while sending an email, text or even playing a game of Angry Birds without interruption. Cook also relieved many employees, family members and friends alike when he announced that group texts can now be muted or easily ignored when a conversation is no longer relevant to a recipient, and users can leave the group gracefully and without issue.

This development comes at a fortuitous time for the company - Apple just cracked the Forbes list of the top five most fiscally successful businesses in the U.S. Ideally, these upgrades will push them up the charts even more

Where business telephone systems used to mean little more than the tinny voice of a client calling from an ocean away, there are now hundreds of thousands of ways to improve efficiency in the office and on the go with these helpful updates. As developments continue to emerge, it is up to small and big business alike to remain on the cutting edge of technology - which, if the iPhone updates and many other recent technical marvels are any indication, all lie beneath the cloud hosting umbrella. Happy computing!

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