Entrepreneurs look to cloud services for growth

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Nov 25, 2013 5:22:00 AM

Entrepreneurs look to cloud services for growth

The startup stages of any company are often complex, stressful and fast-paced for the new entrepreneur, and budget is likely the biggest pressure point. Many small business owners have turned to cloud services in efforts to perpetuate the "lean startup" model, in which the company is structured in such a way that encourages efficiency and minimizes the risk of waste.

One of the cloud's greatest utilities when it comes to entrepreneurial use is the ability to scale up investments on an as-needed basis, as most vendors will offer the products in a pay-as-you-go structure. Between the financial benefits of cloud computing and the countless ways in which the technology can empower a smaller firm's operations and employees, all entrepreneurs will want to look into these investments. 

Cloud-like agility
Cloud Tweaks recently listed several benefits of cloud computing through a small business ownership lens, asserting that the technology is highly intuitive and easy to use. As such, companies that do not have fully staffed IT departments or a great breadth of in-house technology knowledge can access the tools and use them just as proficiently as their larger, more experienced counterparts.  

According to the news provider, employees will enjoy greater and more streamlined access to data and corporate systems when the cloud is implemented and integrated properly, while the small business will be able to test new ideas far more quickly than traditionally possible. The increased collaborative power and seamless communication between departments that come with cloud services maximizes a company's agility and ability to innovate.

The source noted that file sharing is far more efficient with cloud models than with traditional legacy systems, and that the technology can also facilitate the implementation of bring your own device (BYOD), as data and records can be sent seamlessly to remote smartphones and tablets. 

Effort needed to enjoy advantages
Although the technology is more intuitive today than it was in the past, entrepreneurs will still need to conduct thorough research and create unique objectives for each investment in the cloud. By aligning each cloud deployment with a specific corporate goal or need, the company will be more likely to enjoy the several financial and operational benefits of the cloud.

Without proper planning and consistent oversight, the firm will rarely enjoy optimal IT environments. However, small business owners can work with cloud vendors to establish the most preferable agreement and long-term performance management strategy. 

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