Correcting common online marketing issues

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Feb 15, 2013 12:27:00 PM

Correcting common online marketing issues

As more small businesses begin to use online marketing tools, competition in the internet advertising industry has intensified. Online marketing for small businesses has evolved rapidly, allowing entrepreneurs to compete with larger counterparts in new arenas more affordably than ever before, though success of the strategy is contingent upon strong planning and assessments.

ClickZ recently listed several common online marketing mistakes that decrease returns on investment and sometimes even create a distaste among consumers for the backing brands. According to the news provider, most online marketing strategies are siloed to the point of a fault, as a lack of interoperability and communication between different components, such as social, local and content, could lead to lost opportunities and disjointed advertising programs.

The source explained that companies should look to create cohesion among all online marketing strategies, implementing consistent keywords, context and content into the associated advertisements. ClickZ added that smaller businesses have been especially effective in creating effective SEO strategies that are consistent across a variety of channels and platforms.

Small business owners should consider adopting the necessary tools and formulating effective strategies to maximize returns on investments for marketing initiatives.

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