Cloud services continue to evolve

Posted by David Aparicio

Apr 10, 2013 3:14:00 PM

Cloud services continue to evolve

The cloud computing market has become increasingly competitive in recent years, as a higher demand for innovative options has led to more sophisticated products. Small business owners have a variety of options when considering a jump into cloud services, including different models and offerings such as infrastructure, platform and software.

Business 2 Community recently reported that several cloud computing service providers have increased efforts to make the next big product, while many believe this will be related to cloud-on-cloud services. This idea is essentially the use of cloud services to power all other IT processes, which some believe will create the capacity to service an infinite number of users.

According to the news provider, the enhanced flexibility and efficiency benefits of cloud-on-cloud computing are expected to drive demand for such services up higher in the coming years, further bolstering competition in the market. This might lead to in-house cloud computing models.

Small business owners who have not yet planned to move certain processes to cloud environments should consider doing so soon. This technology provides stronger efficiency and management capabilities than virtually any other IT strategy. 

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