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Jul 6, 2015 4:32:30 PM

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Here are a look at some of the most helpful mobile apps that a busy, savvy businessperson can use to make the workday just a little bit easier.

The world of business provides many opportunities to use various forms of technology in and around the office. A traditional desk has a computer, monitor, mouse, keyboard and perhaps even a phone. The rest of the office has such gadgets as printers, copiers and the occasional fax machine. With the advent of mobile business, however, all of the technology a person needs in order to conduct company operations from anywhere in the world can be found within a phone.

Having the proper platforms, smartphones and tablets on which to do one's work is absolutely vital, and there are many applications that savvy people can use in order to maximize their mobile time. These solutions facilitate a wide array of functions that streamline work-related activities and make it simple to switch between the smartphone that you use on the train, the tablet you use in meetings and the laptop or desktop you use at your desk.

Here is a look at some of the most helpful mobile apps that a busy, savvy businessperson can use to make the workday just a little bit easier.

Mobile applications can be a business owner's best friend.Mobile applications can be a business owner's best friend.

1. Evernote
Evernote is by no means a new app, but it's one that continues to be useful to people across a wide range of industries. This is a note-taking app that allows users to take notes on one platform and open these up on another. Evernote reduces the risk of leaving an important notebook at home when you need it at work - and, conversely, if you happen to be stuck at home due to inclement weather or an untimely sickness, you don't need to worry about missing vital documents. MarketingLand pointed out that there is a paid premium version of the app that provides more diverse and flexible features. 

In this business landscape, it's very common for a single user to leverage more than one mobile device, so it's great to have apps that make it simple to move back and forth between gadgets. Just as VoIP makes it possible to move from one phone to another without interrupting the conversation, Evernote and similar services bring the same tenets to note-taking.

2. Expensify
As the owner of a small- or medium-sized business, it's vital to keep track of every cent that moves in and out of the enterprise. Sometimes, there will be instances where employees pay out of pocket for an item or event that should really be covered by the company, and it's important to recognize that taking care of expenses is a vital duty for business owners.

"Items paid for in the name of the business are tax-deductible."

The Expensify app makes tracking expenses easy, as the finance-organization program is simple to use and read, CNN noted. Employees can even scan receipts on their phones so they can compile their own reports. And while some employees might be happy to take care of a few of their own meals on a business trip, things paid for in the name of the business can be counted toward a deduction come tax season, and Expensify keeps everything together on one easy platform.

3. Mailbox
Time is a precious commodity in the business world. It either feels as though you're wasting it, don't have enough of it or that it's speeding by faster than it ever has before. To ensure you get through everything you need to in a single day, it's important to manage time wisely and cut out minutes here and there where appropriate. Mailbox has the perfect solution for busy professionals.

By creating one box for all your email accounts, Mailbox makes it simple to manage your email. Once you've read something, move it away from your inbox. Or, if it isn't quite the right time to respond to an email, DirectCapital reported that you can snooze it and have the app remind you to come back to it in a few hours, next week, in a month or whatever time frame in between works best for your schedule.

4. MobileDay
Business calls on VoIP platforms can be a great thing, but if you're on them all the time, they can sometimes feel like somewhat of a hassle. Access codes are necessary for security reasons, but if you mess up the code, you have to hang up and start the call over again - not much of a time-saver. However, MobileDay takes care of the annoyance and confusion, reported MarketingLand.

With just the single tap of a screen, users are connected to their secure calls without having to enter a long string of numbers. While this might seem like a trivial pursuit, professionals who use their mobile devices for all their calling needs know how frustrating it can be to mess up and start over, especially if they're on the go or under a time constraint. Check out the video below for more information on MobileDay.

5. Wunderlist
Making a to-do list seems like a helpful way to get organized on daily tasks. However, tiny slips of paper are easily lost or ruined and making a list in an email draft isn't conducive to getting things done. Fortunately, Wunderlist was created to help keep people on schedule with extra spice thrown in as well.

According to DirectCapital, users can make a list on one device and open up the finished product on another. Users can also create lists for other people, share these with them and collaborate to finish up the tasks. Not only does the solution make it easy to keep track of what has been finished, who did it and what else needs to be done, but it's a highly respected app in the world of business that has made it into multiple publications.

It may seem difficult to get everything done in one day, but by leveraging his or her tools wisely, a businessperson can feel confident that nothing was forgotten or left aside. Let your devices do some of your work for you, helping you run your business effectively and quickly.

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