5 Emerging Apps You Don't Want to Miss

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May 30, 2014 3:25:00 PM

When a company adapts business mobile phones as a small business solution, a whole new world of innovation is opened up by way of the application marketplace.

When a company adapts business mobile phones as a small business solution, a whole new world of innovation is opened up by way of the application marketplace. If you've made the leap and invested in this wise tool, be sure that you're making the most of it by remaining on the cutting edge of technology. Make strides in productivity and organization with these helpful apps, which are emerging in popularity. To boot, it can never hurt to say that you used the next hugely popular application "before it got big" - a little extra cred around the office never hurt, and the positive effects of these apps are sure to turn heads.

1) Get from place to place in record time with Uber
Entrepreneur Magazine writers Erica Bell and Katie Finnegan ranked this reliable service as one of their top "14 Apps Every Entrepreneur Needs in 2014." It's no surprise why - Uber is an excellent solution for those weary of over-priced cab rides with slow or poor service that continually get you to your next important meeting too late. Uber service is quite the opposite, as the company employs everyday people to drive you to your destination in time when you can't seem to hail a cab. Using the application for this company is your best bet to receive the fastest service possible - in fact, it immediately shows where nearby Uber drivers are on a map, and gives an indication of how quickly they can get to you. Take that, cab stand!

2) Stay on the cutting edge of current events for free with Newsbeat
For the busy entrepreneur, it's often difficult to stay on top of current trends and events without running into pesky paid app services that detract from your bottom line. A great way to improve business efficiency without racking up an expensive bill is to download the free Newsbeat app, powered by The Tribune Company and highly recommended by Business Inside. Described as the "Pandora of news radio," NewsBeat puts the entire world at your fingers without you having to read a word. The best and most relevant nuggets in news radio are compiled so that you can get updated during your commute or on your lunch break without missing a headline.

3) Take a break with 2048
If you haven't enjoyed this game yourself, chances are you've spotted someone on the street or the train playing this fast-paced numbers game to pass the time. If the stress of the day-to-day is getting you down (as it does to everyone every once in a while), there's no shame in taking a 10 minute break and indulging in a puzzle game. Like Sudoku before it, 2048 requires a player to flex their strategic muscles to get multiples of two to finally turn into the coveted 2048 tile. If you're on a deadline, this highly addictive game can be dangerous for your productivity levels!

4) Cut back on business phone data costs with Free Wi-Fi Finder
Despite all the advantages business phone solutions offer, many companies still grapple with the raw cost that paying for data on a cell service can cost, especially for members of the team who need to be plugged in 24 hours a day. Free Wi-Fi Finder from Ji-Wire is a highly efficient application that scouts out complimentary Wi-Fi connections in the immediate area of your business mobile phone to alleviate the data costs that are incurred by common usages, including video conferencing or chatting on the go, the omnipotent responsibility of email checking and maintaining a social media brand presence even while out of the office. Some cities have begun to implement free Wi-Fi services in highly populated areas and this application will take all the guesswork out of what network you can tap into next.

5) Optimize your conference workflow with MobileDay
​If you're sick at home on the day of a critical meeting, MobileDay is an application that will save your reputation with a customer and protect your office from whatever the latest contagious bug may be. Thanks to the miracle of cloud hosting, this application is able to manage nearly every part of your busy conference schedule. In a sea of productivity apps for sale, MobileDay can truly become your digital secretary and most reliable ally. Entrepreneur writers Bell and Finnegan have the skinny on this simple small business solution.

"With this app, you can dial in automatically, email with participants and even get directions to your meeting place," the article stated.

In today's instant gratification culture, the pressure to be efficient and productive is larger than ever before. Fortunately, mobile technology is an enormous asset in making this lofty expectation a manageable reality - be sure to use your business mobile phone to your advantage with the best the application marketplace has to offer today!

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