5 Best Blogs To Follow About Cloud Computing

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Apr 1, 2014 11:22:00 AM

5 Best Blogs To Follow About Cloud Computing

Knowledge has always been the most powerful commodity in business, and when it comes to advanced, novel technology that comes with the ability to enable substantial innovation, information is key. Cloud computing is not necessarily new in the current market, but it is certainly still in the fledgling stages of growth considering the fact that it is not yet ubiquitous throughout the United States or internationally. 

Luckily for decision-makers, such as small business owners, who are looking to learn more about the technology, they can find a wealth of free and helpful information from experts who regularly post to blogs online. Instead of tooting our own horn and saying that we are the best cloud computing blog, we will direct you to some of the players in the cloud services knowledge game that we admire most. 

Top cloud bloggers
There are a lot of experts out there today that can cover a wide range of cloud-related topics, but there are certain ones that consistently provide some of the more impressive analysis and accurate reporting week-in and week-out. 

Here are our favorite five cloud computing blogs that small business owners should consider following:

  1. David LinthicumIf you've read our blog, you have definitely already heard this name. Mr. Linthicum writes for InfoWorld, and regularly posts interesting and analytical blogs that have a unique voice and always yield some important takeaways for business owners and decision-makers. 
  2. ComputerworldComputerworld's blog devoted to cloud computing has a vast variety of voices, perspectives and insights from myriad experts in the field. Through Computerworld, which is one of the many IDG News Service publications, you will be able to find a variety of research and analysis related to the cloud. 
  3. ForresterThis research organization is one of the more powerful and reliable in the world, and has been especially active in its pursuit of cloud computing information. Although the titles might not be as catchy, readers can often garner truly quality knowledge from regularly reading this blog, which is written by several analysts including expert James Staten. 
  4. CIOCIO, another part of the IDG News Service family, gives a perspective on goings-on in the cloud computing market that is specifically targeted at helping decision-makers who are in charge of IT investments and management. Propagated by research, analysis, hard news and a variety of other content classifications, CIO Magazine has an exceptional blog on cloud computing.
  5. ThoughtsonCloudThis blog is highly in-depth, while contributors are all experts in the field of cloud computing who have real-world experience and insights to share with readers. Again, this might not be the funniest blog on the Internet, but it is certainly among the best to read about situations that are impacting the cloud computing market in a variety of regions and industries. 

By reading one or more of these blogs, business owners can get a much stronger, working knowledge of the cloud computing market and what the technology can do for their firms. Also, please continue to visit us, as we will try to remain in your top five!

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