4 Tips for Re-Energizing Your SMB's Online Presence

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Apr 16, 2014 12:27:00 PM

4 Tips for Re-Energizing Your SMB's Online Presence

With consumers and corporate decision-makers increasingly interacting with brands via digital channels, online marketing for small businesses has become essential. Startups and small firms looking to promote awareness and engagement surrounding their companies and products must reach out to their audience through email campaign, social media presence and blog content. In the digital age, companies that fail to have a strong online footprint run the risk of letting themselves become virtually invisible to customers and prospects.

But for small and mid-sized businesses working tirelessly to boost engagement in the crowded online space, it can become easy to run out of fresh ideas and simply rehash the same content that has proven successful in the past. This strategy, however, is not likely to produce real results. With so many other brands vying for attention on these channels, it's critical that your SMB's efforts have the liveliness, consistency and memorability that will make them stand out among competitors and encourage your audience to view your company as a center of energy within the field.

If you and your team have hit a wall in your marketing strategies for small business, here are four ways to revitalize your efforts and help ensure that your followers' attention remains fixed on your brand.

1. Find a vision
Don't assume that what your marketing efforts lack in creativity, they can make up for in volume. Simply publishing a host of updates to social media channels without considering whether they fit into a cohesive voice and message is likely to feel tired and strained to your audience rather than energetic and engaging. Trying to ignore the core issue by merely keeping busy might give you the temporary feeling that your efforts are moving forward, but it won't fool customers and prospects.

Rather than opting for volume, take some time to revisit, revise and refine the core vision that defines your brand and guides its online voice. If you can carefully craft a few social media posts or blog pieces to resonate with this vision, this is likely to prove much more memorable and effective than simply flooding the Web with unfocused material.

2. Don't neglect your blog
Speaking of blog posts, devoting all your attention to social media and ignoring your brand's own website can be a tempting but serious error. While social channels are an ideal way to draw your audience into conversation with your SMB, blog content is much more effective at establishing thought leadership and demonstrating your company's expertise. Especially if your business is in a more technical or specialized field, creating these kinds of associations with your SMB can be critical for growing your customer base.

3. Get niche
Online marketing is fraught with its own challenges. BusinessNewsDaily recently likened entering the big social platforms to "swimming in a vast sea of people searching for different things." Having a presence on the major networks remains essential, but also leveraging some of the smaller, niche social channels can help narrow down your lead pool. 

"It may take a little digging to find the right space, but you'll be significantly closer to network users, and you can often translate those relationships into relationships on the mainstream networking sites," the source pointed out.

Incorporating niche social networks also gives you an opportunity to more closely target the content that you post.

4. Switch up your media
With consumers almost constantly plugged into their devices and professionals increasingly tied to their business mobile phones, it's important that you think about the mobile experience when you plan your marketing efforts. Smartphones and tablets make an array of different media - written content, video, visual ads, etc. - available on a single device. Consider how incorporating new categories of marketing materials might re-engage your audience.

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