4 Online Marketing Tips for the Modern Law Firm

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Mar 28, 2014 9:47:00 AM

4 Online Marketing Tips for the Modern Law Firm

Online marketing for small businesses has become one of the most advanced methods of driving visibility within markets right from the outset of operations at the lowest possible price point, and the same goes for digital advertising in a variety of other sectors as well. Law firms have never been the most aggressive marketers, but in today's highly digital and plugged-in economic landscape, failure to take advantage of these online tools can lead to significant loss of potential revenue increases. 

Of course, the rules that a law firm will follow when marketing its services are far more stringent than those of a retailer or restaurant, but some of the basic principles of modern advertising ring true no matter which sector one is looking at. With so many processes moving into digital environments today, legal sector decision-makers should recognize the importance of crafting and deploying an effective and unique marketing strategy.

Make it happen
It is important to note here that the law firm will always want to take as customized of an approach to its marketing strategy as possible. The general voice and objectives should be defined and driven by the missions and values of each organization. 

Once the desirable brand image is somewhat tangible in the eyes of decision-makers, here are some tips to make the project fly:

  1. Email: Email marketing remains as the most effective form of digital advertising in terms of conversion rates. Additionally, this type of advertising is especially well-suited to the legal sector, as law firms can create a schedule for weekly or monthly email blasts that include links to new reports or services.
  2. Localization: The legal sector also remains highly competitive, especially amid a resurgent economy in which many new firms are starting up. As such, decision-makers should work to target individuals who are closest to their operating facilities as possible. Localization has been seen as one of the more important aspects of future marketing success. 
  3. Go mobile: Law firms who specialize in corporate litigation should be aggressive in their pursuits of mobile marketing programs. The average business person is more on the go than ever before, and mobile advertising can help to capture their attention. 
  4. Research: Thought leadership pieces have been strong frameworks to boost branding initiatives in a variety of sectors, and because of how quickly legal technology is advancing, this industry should be especially interested in these pieces. 

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