3 reasons to embrace the cloud now

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Oct 23, 2013 11:56:00 AM

3 reasons to embrace the cloud now

Cloud computing is among the most attention-grabbing technologies to emerge in recent years. Companies of all sizes and in every industry are moving to embrace cloud services in a wide range of capacities, with more following suit every day.

Yet despite this trend, there are still many firms which have yet to deploy cloud services in any meaningful capacity. They remain uncertain of the cloud's value or fearful that the technology will undermine their data security. In many, perhaps even most, of these cases, the business owners and decision-makers have not written off the cloud completely. On the contrary, their plan is to likely eventually adopt this technology, but slowly and only once its value has been better demonstrated.

While this may seem like a reasonable strategy, in reality it is actually potentially damaging. It is truly in businesses' best interests to adopt the cloud now, rather than later. Here are three reasons why this is the case.

1. Business benefits
There is a good reason why the cloud has proven so popular with so many different organizations: It produces tremendous results. Surveys have shown that while some firms have struggled with the cloud, the vast majority are extremely satisfied with the experience and the subsequent productivity improvements.

Put simply, the cloud is an invaluable business tool, and the sooner an organization embraces this technology, the sooner it will begin to experience these benefits. Any delays will translate directly to missed opportunities and lost potential, which is obviously not in the business's best interests.

Business owners, managers and executives need to constantly strive to take advantage of any and all opportunities available to them. Implementing cloud computing solutions as soon as possible is a critical example of such an opportunity.

2. Competition
This is a related, albeit distinct, reason why firms should look to the cloud sooner than later. As noted previously, any delays in this area will translate to productivity losses. This is bad in and of itself, but the consequences of such losses become far more devastating when the business's competitors are quick to leverage the cloud.

As a business's rivals increasingly take advantage of cloud solutions, the gap between the original firm and its competitors will grow. The less technologically advanced organization will struggle to match cloud-enabled companies' efficiency and customer service offerings.

Customers and clients in this industry will quickly come to expect the greater level of performance, and will be dissatisfied by a firm that, due to its lack of cloud solutions, is unable to meet these demands. The reputational damage this causes may be devastating, and can be avoided by adopting cloud computing solutions as soon as possible.

3. Evolving IT
One final, key reason why businesses should embrace cloud services today, assuming they have not done so already, is because the IT landscape is constantly evolving and becoming more and more cloud-based. This trend is present in every industry, and is only likely to continue as time goes on.

If a business waits too long to incorporate cloud computing into its own IT infrastructure, it may struggle to keep its IT solutions up-to-date in a wide range of capacities. It will encounter a number of difficulties, all of which will undermine functionality and productivity.

By embracing the cloud early, though, firms can ensure that they are well-positioned to make the most of evolving IT solutions, thereby gaining a competitive advantage within their given sectors.

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